Terry Foss’ Artist’s Statement

I started photographing and developing my own photos when I was 12. I am mostly self-taught, but learned a great deal working on yearbooks at Westtown School and Dartmouth College. At Dartmouth I worked with a photographer who had shot professionally for the Milwaukee Journal. I became a professional quality darkroom technician as well as an accomplished photographer.

When I started working for the American Friends Service Committee (initially organizing their photo archives) I also took photos of projects I visited and worked on. This eventually led to my becoming the official photographer for AFSC, traveling to projects around the world to document AFSC’s work. I approached this as a photojournalist, trying to visually explain the work communities were doing, and the conditions in which the work was being done.

In my spare time I took photographs of places I went to relax. Often woodsy and somewhat isolated, and often near water. Many of these, especially the Maine Coast provide wide vistas, so naturally I started making panoramic photographs among others.

The advent of digital photography quickly brought affordable photo editing software and high quality printers to the average photographer. Much of my recent work is in color, although some subjects still work better in Black and White.

I enjoy pushing technical boundaries in my work and keep looking for new ways to be visually creative. Some of these approaches exist only in cyber-space. Examples can be seen on-line linked from my Gigapan page.

Terry died in 2016. I included these pages to continue to share his work.

Roberta Foss